Ten things I’ve learned from playing an evil doctor in a feminist performance cabaret

Note: in university, I ended up playing a role as a doctor that turns young girls into metallic pop starlets  in a show called “Mz. Kitty, Teenage Dominatrix” in Vancouver. The show also helped launch Stink Mitt and featured rapper Kia Kadiri.

  1. Nudity is only weird if the context is weird. Changing backstage with a bunch of naked women can be so common with performance that you don’t really think twice about it.
  2. If you say yes to opportunities, it can lead to a lot of surprising friendships. It can also lead to you getting spanked with a belt on stage in front of a large number of people.
  3. I’m not a good actor. I’m really not. I’m trying to get better at it. I really am. I am a pretty decent improviser, though.
  4. What happens underground often precedes the mainstream by many years. If you’d seen this show, you would not be at all surprised or amazed by Lady Gaga.
  5. Feminism is not just one consistent philosophy, and feminists are not at all homogeneous. So when people say that someone is a “bad feminist”, or some model of feminism is “outdated” or “oppressive”, they might just be full of shit (and note: I have been one of those people).
  6. I love comedy.
  7. It is admirable to produce a show, but how do you create longevity out of that show? You can make a video, but it takes work to create a series of videos. Same thing with a blog, a product launch, a political philosophy, a protest. It takes enormous work and energy to commit to a concept long-term.
  8. I will never forget the character whose hobbies included smoking cigarettes and break-dancing in the 7-11 parking lot.
  9. I used to be pretty cool, for a while there. Or…at least I did cooler things than perhaps I had any right to do.
  10. “Don’t Stare. Grow Your Own.”

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