Ten things I’ve learned from my love of naps

  1. I can power nap for 20 minutes and be good. I have thought about moving to Spain just for the opportunity to have a mid-afternoon siesta. They have those in Spain, right? I would hate to move there and be all like “damn.”
  2. One of the things I have in common with the Canadian rapper and all-around amazing guy Shad is our mutual love of napping. Other things we have in common: we both have lived in London, Ontario; we both have lived in Vancouver, BC; we both play guitar and rap (except he is, you know…good); we both beat Drake and won Juno awards. One of these things might not be 100% true.
  3. Naps can be better than sex. Ok, hear me out…sex is great. But sometimes you really just want to have a nap. You had a long day. You’re incredibly tired. Just a few minutes…just to get my spirit up……….zzzzzzzzz…..
  4. I have developed the eerie ability to nap on a subway, and wake up seconds before my stop. On occasion, I have woken up and run out the doors before I fully realized that I was at my stop. I essentially woke up on the platform, all like “sweet.”
  5. If you get to nap a lot when you retire, then I cannot wait until retirement.
  6. I have napped at work before. Because when you eat a large Quiznos steak sandwich at lunch, you are buying a one-way ticket to Naptropolis. Population: you.
  7. I’ve heard the expression ‘nappy’, which I understand refers to coiled, natural hair…generally with people of African descent. At least according to Urban Dictionary. Here’s the thing, though…if I take a nap in a weird place, then wake up and my hair is all frizzy or some of it is sticking up, could I not call my hair ‘nappy’? Isn’t that a more accurate use of the word?
  8. Naps are your body’s way of saying “Hey there, Speedy Gonzales. Take it easy. Give me a second to recharge.”
  9. I once napped on a log that was perfectly smooth and shaped to fit my body. It was on a beach, in the summer, on an island along the sunshine coast. The waves gently lapped the shore, and for a few glorious minutes, I was at peace. I still think about that nap from time to time…..
  10. I have dreamed about naps.


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3 responses to “Ten things I’ve learned from my love of naps

  1. Nap number 9 sounds like heaven. Peace like that is what life is worth living for. I sleep alot. I like sleep – alot.

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