Guestpost #80: Lisa Hickey – Ten things I’ve learned from being CEO of a company for men, about men

Note: I am incredibly fortunate to have a post from someone I admire enormously, and who is running one of my favourite websites ever.Full disclosure: I am a (fairly new) contributor to The Good Men Project (that aside, however, it has long been one of my faves).Bio: Lisa is publisher of The Good Men Project and CEO of Good Men Media, Inc.

  1. Oh. Men have problems, too.
  2. I never worry about “being a woman.” I just am one. However it seems to me there is quite a bit of angst over “being a man.”
  3. I had always thought women were the ones that were stereotyped and objectified. Turns out men get it just as much, just differently.
  4. Other than 1, 2 & 3 above, there are no generalizations about men and women that make sense to me.
  5. You know those movies about start-up companies where the hero runs from place to place trying to pitch people on the idea and no one listens and then there are screaming telephone calls and banging fists on conference room tables trying to get deals done? And then the numbers start rising before your eyes and suddenly everyone’s a believer? Yep, it’s like that.
  6. You can create anything you want — whether it’s a business, a piece of art, a life. You just have to go out and do it.
  7. There are things I had learned how to do before I did this — math, poetry, art, spreadsheets, sociology, ice hockey, social media, stand-up comedy — and I’ve found a way to use all of them here.
  8. Since “good” is our middle name, we talk about goodness a lot. And I’ve come to believe that goodness is not an inherent quality but a series of moment-by-moment decisions.
  9. There are times when the gender of the other person makes a big difference in how I interact with them. There are times it makes no difference at all. The funny thing is, except for sex, I still can’t tell when it might be important.
  10. I love men.


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5 responses to “Guestpost #80: Lisa Hickey – Ten things I’ve learned from being CEO of a company for men, about men

  1. LIsa, I love your observations – you approach things from oblique angles to make such astute observations. Lovely, really. I’m just wondering – what’s the “10th thing” you’ve learned? It seems to me that many of these things you’ve learned not from being a CEO but from being a woman who lives intensely and attentively.

  2. You approach things from oblique angles to come up with such astute observations! I so enjoy reading your posts. However, it seems to me that most of these observations come from your experience not as a CEO by from living life intensely and attentively. I’m wondering what your 10th observation is…

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