Guestpost #82: Nadine Thornhill – Ten things I’ve learned from teaching other people about sex

Bio: once upon a time, I was an actor who landed a day job in a sex store. That job somehow morphed into an entirely new career as a sex-columnist, a sex blogger (, a program director with Planned Parenthood and a playwright whose themes centre around dildos. I live in Ottawa.
  1. Use Lube. It reduces friction during condom use and increases sensation during hand jobs. A good flavoured lube can make oral play a delightful taste sensation, a few drops can smooth the way for an anytime anyplace quickie. If you’re going to engage in safe, comfortable anal penetration lube is a MUST. Lube is the wunderkind of sex products.
  2. No sexual desire is unique. No matter how odd, unusual or outrageous your turn-on may be, there is someone else on this planet who gets off on exactly the same thing.
  3. No sexual desire is universal. Not everyone is heterosexual. Not everyone is homosexual or bisexual. Not everyone is cis-gendered, transgendered or male or female. Not everyone has sex the way I do or the way you do. Not everyone has sex or even wants to.
  4. Sexuality is a lifelong experience. Tiny children ponder the design and function of their genitals. Seniors in retirement homes are hooking up and getting it on. Our sexual expression changes over time, but it is always part of who we are.
  5. The G-spot is made of the same erectile tissue found inside the penis. It’s called spongiosum and during sexual excitement it becomes engorged with blood just like a cock.
  6. Some people don’t need their genitals touched to have an orgasm. They can come by stimulating their nipples, ass, ears, hands, feet, neck and something just by thinking about it.
  7. Some sonograms have caught fetuses “masturbating” or at least touching their genitals in utero. I told you sexuality was a lifelong experience!
  8. You can clean your dildo in the dishwasher. Provided it’s made of a non-porous material like silicone or glass.
  9. HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence. Caught early and treated with an effective dose of anti-retrovirals, the life expectancy of an HIV positive person is almost 70 years of age.
  10. It actually takes several sperm to fertilize an egg. Each sperm secrete an enzyme which erodes the outer layer of the ovum. Individually, it doesn’t do much, but when those swimmers secrete as a team, the barrier breaks down enough to allow one sperm to get through and do his thing.

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